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Welcome to Sun Break Records — a new independent record label starting up out of Olympia Washington.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know what a sun break is.  If not, you might like to know that there are many cloudy days where there are occasional breaks in the clouds and the sun comes shining through.  In the Northwest, sometimes we hurry outside to catch some rays from the sun break before it goes  back to cloudy again.

The mission at Sun Break Records is to release special original music that hopefully will provide a welcomed sun break in your life.

 Sun Break Records has two releases and you can check each one out on its own page from the menu above.

A Lot Like You by Greg Black & the Blacklights

Greg Black & the Blacklights: A Lot Like You

In the Wind by James Armstrong and Greg Black

James Armstrong & Greg Black: In the Wind


We want our CDs to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  That’s why we found a manufacturing company that provides the following: 100% Green Forestry Practices packaging, all vegetable inks, 100% post consumer recycled trays, and Sunlyte certified carbon off-set credits for the entire package, CD, and shipping. The host server for this website is 100% wind powered.  We want to tread with the lightest footprint possible.

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